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How to jailbreak on windows

To jailbreak iPhone on PC (windows), you first need setting jailbreak to a USB flash drive !!!
How to Make Jailbreak USB flash drive
Jailbreak - Checkra1n (new releases here)

1. Restart your computer, enter BIOS mode and select boot from USB flash drive

Different models of computers and motherboards have different ways to enter the BIOS, please consult the motherboard manufacturer for details

2. After starting the usb flash drive, you can enter Checkra1n, use the keyboard arrow keys to select "Start" in the lower right corner and press Enter to start

3. Use the keyboard arrow keys to select "Start" in the lower right corner and press Enter, and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the device into DFU mode

4. After entering the DFU mode, the jailbreak step will be executed automatically without other operations

5. After the jailbreak is completed, Checkra1n will prompt "All Done", if the jailbreak fails, please try again

6. At this time, the checkra1n icon will be generated on the iPhone desktop, open checkra1n on the desktop, click Cydia and install

7. After Cydia is successfully installed, this jailbreak is completed

Restart the computer and disconnect the data cable and USB flash drive
After jailbreaking according to the above method, if you restart the iPhone, jailbreak environment will be invalid, you need to follow the above steps to re-jailbreak to restore