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How to Make Jailbreak USB flash drive

In to create a jailbreak on a usb flash drive, we need a program 3uTools
Download 3uTools
Jailbreak - Checkra1n (new releases here)

1. Prepare a USB flash drive of 1GB or more, then connect the USB flash drive to the computer
2. Open the 3uTools on the computer
3. Click "Make Checkra1n jailbreak USB flash drive" in the "Flash&JB-Jailbreak", then the function description will pop up and display the inserted USB flash drive
4. Select the USB flash drive to be used for making and click the "Start Making" button
Notice: Note that this step will clear all the data currently stored on the USB flash drive, please be sure to back up your personal data

Afterwards, 3uTools will automatically create a jailbroken USB flash drive

5. After the creation is complete, click the "Close" button in the prompt box
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